As a society, employers, government, educators, health care advocates, we have to do more to fight COVID 19 and get back to normal, faster.



  • Indoor workers each breathe approximately 11,000 litres of air every day.
  • The EPA has identified indoor air quality as one of the most urgent environmental risks to public health.
  • Indoor air is trapped, often re-circulated and full of contaminants.
  • Many air purification systems on the market fall short on their claims regarding air flow changes per hour, air scrub statistics and traceability of parts.

Inadequate ventilation, condensation within ducts, and bio-aerosol clouds (a result of some medical procedures) can lead to the presence of micro-organisms and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the air.


People spend approximately 90% of their time in enclosed spaces – in homes, offices, schools or workplaces, other building environments. During this time, inhalation exposure to indoor air pollutants can lead to a variety of negative short- and long-term health and well-being outcomes that can vary in severity. Our PuraAir Products are proven to reduce the spread of Covid 19 in workplaces, schools, and all indoor spaces. Achieving the goal of clean indoor air requires both professionals and building users to engage not just in the conversation but also in the implementation of adequate approaches.


We all want to get back to our regular lives, back to work, back to seeing our families.


Our Products

Our Products capture 99.99% of nano particles in the air, please review the options to best suite your facility’s needs.


Lets get back to meeting in large groups.


The AV1000 is a unit designed for areas with larger or more stringent, medical-grade needs, but are accessible for any facility looking for a solution for air purification.

This unit is meant for ambient air purification in gathering spaces such as lobbies, camps, common rooms, cafeterias, food processing factories, gymnasiums, large officer spaces etc. and can be customized to blend into the aesthetics of most rooms.

Enable workers to feel safe working in teams again.

The TC1200 fixed central air unit addresses large office medical grade air filtration requirements. Similar to how a traditional HVAC system works but separate from your normal VAC system.

This unit is recommended for Office building with multiple single offices, cubicles, common areas, recreation rooms camp spaces.

This solution will ensure full turnover of the office air within certain timeframes, passing that air through our irradiation chamber and returning pure, breathable air into the office.


At 54 decibels the TC1200 is silent and works in any office setting. Includes:

• The VFD fan control and filter pressure sensors

• Accommodates 4-6 ceiling-mounted moveable aerosol fume capture arms

• Washable aluminum mesh UVC protection screen

Enable workers to feel safe working in site trailers and office spaces.

The MRP600 is a portable air filtration unit that works in smaller spaces like offices, site trailers.

With a medical grade compact filtration system the MRP600 filters in four steps.

Reduce the spread of Covid 19 in common areas, worker transport busses, airport waiting areas. Etc.

P300 Portable unit with Extraction Arm. For all small office applications or busses.
• Basic controls, on/off switch at unit

• Extraction arm: Movex 3” bench mount style, two styles of hoods to choose from

• Four stage filtration including UVC and true HEPA

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